‘Renegades’ – Trailer for New Action Film Starring Sullivan Stapleton

Check out the trailer for the upcoming action film Renegades, featuring Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton and Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons.

The film follows a group of renegade Navy Seals who go on a mission to uncover a treasure of gold left behind by Nazi’s in a Bosnian lake.

Not only is the treasure under water, but it is also in enemy territory, forcing the Seals to battle local militants while trying to recover the loot.

Renegades appears to be another one of those films that have come out of nowhere, and one that feels like it won’t be getting a massive marketing push.

The filmmakers do however have J.K. Simmons in the film, who adds that bit of extra credibility, in what could end up being somewhat of a generic action film.

Either way though, action-film fans should probably get excited for this, as the team behind the Taken films, The Equalizer and Lucy are producing this one, so at the very least it should be a fun watch.

Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton leads the Seal-team in this film; an exciting actor who’s yet to make it big in Hollywood, but does have lots of potential (see his excellent work in the Aussie film Animal Kingdom).

I hope this film is good and the actor gets some recognition, because as you’ll see in the trailer below, it does look like a lot fun and will no doubt be action packed to the max.

Renegades releases on 3 February 2017 in the USA.


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