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‘Rambo’ Reboot in the Works Sans Sylvester Stallone

A Rambo reboot is in the works, tentatively titled Rambo: New Blood, however Sylvester Stallone is not attached to star in the role he made famous.

Stallone recently directed and starred in the fourth instalment of the Rambo franchise, simply titled Rambo (2008), which was met with poor reception.

It’s possible that film was intended as Stallone’s final outing as the character, as it wouldn’t make much sense to keep the franchise going with him in the lead, considering the actor is now 70 years young.

However, a franchise with such historical value to fans and the film industry alike could not be left to rest it seems, with the news today that a new reboot is being planned, presumably starring a much younger, new action-star to fill the shoes Stallone leaves behind.

Rambo: New Blood is being developed by Nu Image/Millennium Films and Ariel Vromen is set to direct the film.

Vromen recently directed 2016’s Criminal, a film starring Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot; all big stars in their own right, however the film flew under the radar for the most part, possibly because of it’s poor reception (currently sitting on 30% on Rotten Tomatoes).

He also directed the 2012 film The Iceman with Michael Shannon in the lead, where he played notorious hitman Richard Kuklinski, with that film fairing better.

Regardless of who is set to star and direct, this is another reboot that will surely send fans up in arms, as the Rambo franchise is one of the most beloved in all action-film history.

But as is the state of the industry, this is no surprise at all and we can surely expect more reboots of classic franchises in the years to come, so we’ll just need to accept that it’s happening and hope the filmmakers can do the brands justice.

Rambo: New Blood is still in early development and we’ll post more news as it arrives.

Source: THR

Nick Janks