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Quentin Tarantino Set to Direct The Manson Murders Biopic

How bloody lovely.

One can only imagine how the mind of Quentin Tarantino works. I personally envision him going about cinema like a demented Danny Ocean recruiting for the next big project to outdo the last. And with the good graces of The Hollywood Reporter and their sources, that may be exactly how it all goes down. The iconic director already getting his secret cast and crew together for their next bloody venture: Charlie Manson and his oh so gruesome Tate murders.

THR’s Borys Kit writes:

“Quentin Tarantino is quietly starting to put together his latest project, and is talking to A-list actors for what is promising to be a unique take on the Manson Family murders.

The project, whose title is unknown, was written by Tarantino who would also direct. Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who have produced and exec produced the previous Tarantino films, are involved, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.”

The sources go on to say the film may shoot in the American summer of 2018 and that, among those being approached to lead, the names include Brad Pitt, the star of Tarantino’s World War II reimagining Inglorious Basterds (2009), and the current highest payed actress in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence.

It was revealed over a year ago, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, that Lawrence was among those strongly considered to play the role of Daisy Domergue, the vicious female villain of Tarantino’s last film The Hateful Eight (2015), citing her young age as the decision she was rejected.

The director said:

“I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. I think I’ve been on record of saying that her and David O. Russell’s relationship is very William Wyler-Bette Davis like, and that’s a good thing to be like. And I can see her doing a good job with this role, so we went to talk about it and everything. She was just doing me a courtesy to see me, I think. She was doing Joy. She had to do all this publicity on the Hunger Games movies. There was just no f—ing way in the world that she was available.”

The story details are still under wraps, but THR sources expect the film to focus on Sharon Tate, the actress and wife of known paedophile director Roman Polanski, who was murdered by Manson and his crew in her 1969 home.

To recap the whole ordeal, Manson had placed a hit on the Tate family living in the Benedict Canyon section of Los Angeles, believing it was owned by a record producer that slighted Manson. The murders took place over several hours, as four gun and knive-wielding Manson partners killed Tate, who was later revealed to be eight months pregnant at the time, and four others in the house.

1971 saw Manson and his crew sentenced to life in person for these deaths and other unrelated murders earlier that summer.

The project runs contradictory to the reports of that revealed Tarantino was looking into an Australian heist film. Talking to “So, Is It Any Good?” during a Hateful Eight press junket, the director previously said “One fun idea might be an Australian film that would take place in the ’30s. It would be a Bonnie and Clyde-ish sort of story set with a couple of outlaws in Australia. We’ll see whatever happens”.

Tarantino has made several claims that he will be retiring from directing after he makes two more films, but a man who lives and breathes cinema surely can’t sit idly by too long.

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