‘Spencer’ Trailer is a Harrowing Look at the Life of Princess Diana

The film from Pablo Larraín dives deep behind the scenes of Princess Diana and her marriage and life in the British Monarchy.

Spencer takes place during Christmas break as Diana (Kristen Stewart), Princess of Wales, doubts her marriage to Prince Charles (Jack Farthing), ultimately deciding to divorce.

The pressures of royal life are explored as we see Diana frustrated with the duties involved with being a Princess, meaning she has two lead two lives.

What makes Spencer so harrowing is that we know the tragic outcome of Diana’s life.

The film is shot in a gloomy way to heighten that fact, with an impending doom throughout thanks to Claire Mathon’s phenomenal cinematography.

Likewise, the casting is excellent, with Kristen Stewart looking like she’s put in some of her best work here.

The film is written by Steven Knight, whose past works include suspenseful films like Locke (2013) and Eastern Promises (2007), so we can expect to see a lot of tension in this one.

Furthermore, director Pablo Larraín recently helmed the highly lauded biopic Jackie (2016) about former first lady Jackie Kennedy.

All the above-combined talent should make for some excellent viewing when Spencer hits Australian cinemas on January 26th 2022, check out the new trailer below!

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