‘The Prequels Strike Back’ – Trailer

A trailer for The Prequels Strike Back, a documentary that will try and convince you that the Star Wars prequel films were actually good.

This looks like a fantastic documentary for Star Wars fans, one that covers the divisive topic of whether the prequel films were any good by speaking to fans and critics of the films.

I remember watching the prequels as a kid when they first came out and loving them, however fast forward fifteen years and a re-watch prior to The Force Awakens and they do not hold up at all.

The argument could be made that those films are targeted to kids and in that respect they’re probably quite enjoyable, however watching them as an adult, especially compared to the original trilogy, they are pretty bad.

This documentary will make an argument as to why the prequels were actually great, by delving into the philosophy and symbolism of the films, and sure, when you look for those elements they are probably amazing, but those features do not account for the excess use of computer graphics, bad acting and boring plot points.

This documentary reminds me of The People vs. George Lucas (which I highly recommend), however that film mostly focused on the hate towards George Lucas based on his poor decisions on the beloved franchise.

The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey is available via digital download on 14 September 2016, check out the trailer below.

IMDB Synopsis:

The “Star Wars” Prequels Trilogy is the most debated chapter in cinema’s greatest franchise. But what if moviegoers were only examining the films from a certain point of view? Filled with commentary from passionate fans and scholars of cinema, “The Prequels Strike Back” follows the travels of a bewildered fan as he attempts to unlock the method behind cinema’s most controversial trilogy and George Lucas, the even more controversial man behind them. He must unlearn what he has learned and look at the polarizing saga like never before.

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