Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ is the Latest Target in New Honest Trailer

Shane Black’s 2018 film The Predator becomes the next victim in this funny, new Honest Trailer for the poorly received franchise reboot film.

The Predator had plenty of hype around it in the buildup to its release last year after the initial round of trailers and images were released.

Sure, there was always a chance (and a big chance) that the film would have been terrible as past history has shown with other popular franchise reboots, but with Shane Black at the helm, things were looking promising.

Come release time, fan expectations were crushed when the film we got was beyond sub-par.

The film was a mish-mash of multiple plotlines, ridiculous dialogue and characters – a lot of which is covered in the new Honest Trailer below.

Its only (minor) redeeming quality was the brutal violence featured in the film, but even then, it wasn’t enough to save its shortcomings.

If you were to dissect 1987’s Schwarzenegger-starring original, you could surely find a lot of silly things in the film to make fun of as well (the Honest Trailers team have done so indeed), however, that film had a certain charm about it that’s yet to be rivaled in any Predator film since then.

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You could say Schwarzenegger’s presence in the original film is what made it, and you would be partly right, but nevertheless, there’s really no excuse for what we got in the 2018 reboot.

Back to the drawing board on this franchise.

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