‘Power Rangers (2017)’ – Honest Trailer

If you loved The Breakfast Club (1985) but wished they all turned into ninja’s in the end, then Power Rangers is the movie for you!

The above opening line from the Honest Trailer for this film pretty much sums up Power Rangers in one sentence.

I saw the film recently for the first time and had extremely low expectations, and by the end of it was pleasantly surprised.

While there are so many things you can poke fun of and cringe at in this film (as outlined in the Honest Trailer below), in my opinion it was the best effort filmmakers could make in grounding the ridiculous premise of the Power Rangers.

Sure it’s cheesy as anything, but the teen-movie side of things worked reasonably well for me, and the film featured some great visual effects.

All in all, a bit of dumb fun and a good-enough attempt at rebooting the Power Rangers franchise for a modern, young-adult audience.

Not everyone felt that way of course, as the film was met with a mostly negative reception, and you can see our review of it here.

Check out the funny Honest Trailer below, and leave a Facebook comment below with your thoughts on the film.

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