Trailer for new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy ‘Slaughterhouse Rulez’

Hopes are always going to be high when Shaun of the Dead (2004) dream team Simon Pegg and Nick Frost come together with their unique brand of anxious comedy.

Especially one with such a promising trailer like Slaughterhouse Rulez, which is set to drop on Halloween.

The plot surrounds a snobby British boarding school, aptly named Slaughter House, which is set on by the forces of hell when a mysterious sink-hole appears from a fracking-related incident.

Pegg and Frost are looking significantly older and more world-weary, but seem to be cast well in their most suitable comedic roles; Pegg as the awkward, worried teacher and Frost as the encourageable outsider, selling drugs to school children.

As the trailer sets up, we can expect some hilarious character-based comedy, with many offbeat one-liners and absurd situations, mixing horror spoof with comedy in the same way Shaun of the Dead did.

This is the first film to be released by Frost and Pegg’s new production company ‘Stolen Picture’ and if it achieves box office success, we may yet see the duo pump out more of the same in coming years.

Michael Sheen, Finn Cole, Hermione Corfield and Asa Butterfield co-star under the direction of Crispian Mills.

Hopefully, the film will live up to fan expectations, but time will tell on that one.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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