New Rom-Com ‘Palm Springs’ Puts a Different Spin on the Time-Loop Film

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti play a pair of strangers stuck in a time-loop together where forming a relationship is seemingly unavoidable.

Funnyman actor Andy Samberg plays an MC who has a chance encounter with a wedding guest (Cristin Milioti) and the pair hit it off.

A surreal occurrence sees their rendezvous take a turn toward strangeness, and the pair find themselves in a classic live-die-repeat time-loop.

Samberg’s character Nyles reveals he has been in this time-loop for quite some time now and shows Miliot’s Sarah the ropes.

Hilarity ensues as the pair is essentially left with nothing to do except make the most of their peculiar situation, resulting in a fruitful romance.

The time-loop concept isn’t new, with popular films like Groundhog Day (1993), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), and Happy Death Day (2017) all finding success with the formula in their respective genres.

What Palm Springs has going for it is its silly humour and the charisma of its lead stars, and judging by the trailer, it has an abundance of both.

The film looks like it will mix silly humor alongside heartfelt themes, and the chemistry between Samberg and Milioti feels genuine.

The Hulu Original film arrives on the Hulu streaming platform on 10 July 2020.

Check out the trailer below!

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