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‘Monos’ is a Chilling, Visceral Fever Dream – Review

Cinema in its purest form can be seen as the provocative marriage of sound and image, and as such, Alejandro Landes’ Monos is nothing if not cinematic. While gentle on plot, the film is entirely immersive in its atmosphere, drenched in mud, madness, and brutality.

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Modern Bonnie & Clyde Film ‘Queen & Slim’ Never Misses a Beat

Queen & Slim is an iconic piece of modern black cinema. Whilst the progression of the plot can be questionable at times, the film never skips a beat. It will suck you into a journey full of laughter, tears, thrills, suspense, joy, and relief.

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‘Citizen K’ Documentary Charts the ‘Gangster Capitalism’ Era in Russia

Alex Gibney’s latest documentary Citizen K is educational yet unsatisfying. This documentary tries to fit Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s story into 2 hours (which is definitely not an easy task) – from his rise to financial power in the early days of capitalism to facing off and creating a nemesis no one would dare to touch in Vladimir Putin.

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