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‘V/H/S 2’ – Found Footage Films – Spotlight

The sequel to the groundbreaking V/H/S (which showcases short films over a frame narrative), V/H/S 2 tells the story of two private detectives assigned to find a missing college kid by a distraught mother. They sneak into the boy’s house and find stacks of tapes (you know how this story continues).

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‘Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie’ – Review

Louis Theroux has made a name for himself as a documentarian who remains stone faced and unwavering in spite of meeting some of the most hateful, prejudiced, and weird people the world has to offer. He has spent time with Nazis, paedophiles, porn stars, and the Westboro Baptist Church. His cool headedness is laudable. But how does he stand up in the face of one of the most controversial and litigious ‘religions’ in the world?

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