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Four Friends Relive an Old Euro Trip Adventure in ‘Off the Rails’

Four middle-aged friends relive an exciting Euro trip from their youth in the new comedy film, Off the Rails.

Three lifelong friends bid their recently deceased friend farewell by embarking on an inter-rail trip across Europe as a tribute, reliving a fun holiday from decades past.

This time around, the trio take the late friend’s eighteen-year-old daughter along for the experience, getting up to plenty of shenanigans on the way.

The film stars the late Kelly Preston, Judi Dench, Sally Phillips, Jenny Seagrove and Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips, and looks like a touching homage to good times and friendship.

The principal cast of women, all in their 50s, look like they’re having a great time while enjoying the perks of travelling around Europe to shoot a film.

Nurturing friendships is the film’s key theme, along with cherishing life and letting bygones be bygones before everything comes to an end.

It’s a relevant topic for the age group that the film targets, but the message ultimately transcends age and is relatable to all.

Off the Rails is directed by Jules Williamson, who comes from a TV background and is untested in the feature film department, but it looks like they’ve developed a funny, poignant piece of comedy cinema.

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See the film in cinemas on 2 December 2021.

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