‘Nobody’ Review – Bob Odenkirk Gets a Splendid Action-Hero Makeover

The Equalizer (2014) meets John Wick (2014) in the new Bob-Odenkirk-starring action crime-thriller with a dash of comedy, Nobody.

Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, a well-meaning family man with a secret past as an American soldier/killing machine. Hutch lives a mundane, routine life until one day; a home invasion ignites something sitting dormant inside him – a thirst for violence. Unleashing his inner demon on a group of thugs now sees him in the crosshairs of a notorious Russian gang that Hutch welcomes with open arms.

Like John Wick and other similar films, Nobody is a violent action spectacle that serves as an outlet of release for the audience, similar to the release its protagonist experiences, maiming and murdering his enemies – it’s exhilarating. Seeing a regular-Joe-type character come out of his shell and turn into the ultimate weapon is infinitely pleasing, especially when coupled with some excellent fight choreography and inventive kills.

We feel every punch and kick that Hutch lands and absorbs through the cleverly plotted and plausible fight scenes that also feature incredible sound design. The film’s score and its colourful cast of characters further enhance the viewing experience, engage the audience, and draw them deeper into the movie. Where Nobody suffers, however, is in its lack of originality.

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Some fantastic fight scenes, some nifty quips, and just enough back-story keep the audience intrigued and allow for added character depth, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. It is forgivable, though, as the film is here purely for entertainment purposes and succeeds greatly on that front. Bob Odenkirk’s transformation to action star also works surprisingly well, and his superb acting abilities have a substantial impact on wanting to invest in his character.

Nobody doesn’t break any new ground in the action film genre, and it’s not trying to either. Instead, it simply offers a gloriously brutal escape for its audience and has a fun time doing so. It’s a fun time for everyone involved.

Fun Fact:

In an interview leading up to the film’s release, star Bob Odenkirk stated he trained for two years in preparation for his role in Nobody.

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