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‘Nightmare: Return To Elm Street’ – Fan Trailers for Fictional Film

Freddy Kreuger is getting conjured back again from his nightmare realm, for another (hopeful) remake, with fan and aspiring director Domonic Smith following the welcome trend of increased diversity, and the multicultural casting remake trend of modern horror movies.

Domonic Smith’s unofficial fan trailers create an intriguing atmosphere of suspense and dread.

Of course, the lack of Robert Englund as Freddy shows in the scenes we see of the infamous villain, and in spite of the diverse cast, we can see that Freddy is still a Cis White male, disfigured paedophile, with a burnt face and razors for hands.

Some things never change.

I can’t say that I hold out much hope for the franchise, which has never recuperated from the loss of Wes Craven and Robert Englund, but I am certainly willing to give the new blood a chance to entertain and terrify.

Jacky Earle Hayley has stood down from the role of Freddy, which he played in the mostly unpopular 2010 reboot, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

In Smith’s vision of a potential future film, ‘Mr Pizza Face/Freddy’ will be played by Nathan Epperson.

The first trailer sets up the plot, as protagonist Drew’s daughter begins suffering from nightmares, which dredges up the old Freddy Kreuger myth for former classmates of Elm Street High School.

Will this rendition of Mr Pizza Face hit the spot for fans?

Or will we be calling up to complain it’s been delivered cold?

Watch the trailers below and let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section.

Chas Farrow

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