Nicolas Cage Stars in ‘Mandy’ Featuring the Craziest Trailer of All Time

Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough star in this zany, bonkers, crazy, action-horror-thriller film, from director Panos Cosmatos.

Cage plays Red, a reclusive lumberjack, who after the kidnapping of his girlfriend by a maniacal cult leader, goes on a murderous rampage to get her back.

The first trailer for Mandy is absolute nuts, to say the least.

The film looks like some type of cross between Evil Dead (1981-) and Hellraiser (1987-), with trippy dark-fantasy themes reminiscent of the works of David Lynch, and the type of violence and gore you’d expect to find in an Eli Roth film.

Basically, it looks amazing.

This is director Panos Cosmatos’ follow-up to his first film Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010), and like that film, Mandy appears to have some stunning cinematography.

Cage has been on a run of appearing in mostly terrible movies since his hey-day in the 90’s, however, this film looks like a good fit for him.

Mandy looks like the type of film that could either be an absolute disaster or an absolute gem based on its high-concept style.

We’ll find out when the film releases on 14 September 2018 in the US, and even sooner for Aussie fans, as it’s screening as part of this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival.

Check out the bonkers trailer below.


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