Nick Offerman Stars in New Comedy Film ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ – Trailer

I’ve been a big fan of Nick Offerman ever since those glorious days of old (well, not that old) when he starred in Parks and Recreation as Ron Swanson, the hilariously straight-faced head of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department.

Humorous then and humorous now, Offerman takes a leap into deeper, more emotional waters with Heart Beats Loud.

Offerman plays Frank Fisher, widowed husband and single father to daughter Sam Fisher (Kiersey Clemons).

The film is set the summer before Sam heads off to college, during which time Frank needles her into starting a band with him.

Frank is an excellent guitarist and Sam can do just about everything else – if everything else were singing, songwriting and pressing light-up buttons that loop sounds together to make music.

After what appears to be much reluctance on Sam’s part, the pair ends up creating some pretty fun, upbeat and easy-listening jams together.

Frank gets so excited that he encourages Sam to pursue music, making her question her decision to go to university.

Judging by the trailer, Heart Beats Loud looks as though it will be an uplifting, feel-good film, one that promotes character development and strength whilst also delivering a healthy sprinkling of sadness and struggle.

Aesthetically believable, artfully relatable and craftily emotive, I believe that director Brett Haley has done a real favour to family movie nights the world over by bringing this creation to the big screens.

Hearts Beat Loud is screening at MIFF, get your tickets here!

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