Nic Cage is Out for Revenge After 22 Years in Prison in ‘A Score to Settle’

The latest from Nic Cage sees the eccentric actor as an ex-enforcer wrongfully imprisoned for 22 years, who finally gets cut loose and looks for revenge against those who put him there.

Having served his time, Cage’s Frank embarks on a path of retribution that’s complicated by his newfound relationship with his son Joey (Noah Le Gros).

Cage looks rather subdued in the trailer, trading in his over-the-top acting for a subtle performance about a man intent on making those pay for his misfortune.

The only notable addition to the supporting cast is a grey-haired Benjamin Bratt, who’s probably looking for a new agent after agreeing to this by-the-numbers-looking revenge thriller.

Why Nic Cage continues to star in films like this is anyone’s guess.

I assume he has bills to pay like everyone else, so for every Mandy (2018), you get a 211 (2018) or A Score to Settle.

Despite all that, I’ll probably end up watching this flick once it’s on the line, and while expectations are low, at least I know Cage will deliver an engaging performance, even if the film itself is garbage.

A Score to Settle hits theatres on 2 August 2019.

Check out the trailer below.

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