New Trailers and Posters from New York Comic-Con Day 1

Check out new trailers for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and Underworld: Blood Wars, along with new posters for Power Rangers from New York Comic-Con!

The New York Comic-Con event has kicked off and with it have come some new promotional materials for upcoming films, check them out below.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – New Trailer

The final film in the long-running franchise gets its first action-packed official trailer and it looks pretty exciting.

The past Resident Evil film’s haven’t been great from a critical perspective, but they’re still pretty entertaining popcorn films and this upcoming instalment looks to be no different.

The visual style of this next film looks pretty awesome as you’ll see in the trailer below, which at a minimum, is one thing this film has going for it.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson started the franchise and returns to finish it, with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hitting theatres on 27 January 2017.

Underworld: Blood Wars – New Trailer

Like the Resident Evil film series, the vampire vs werewolves Underworld series has stood the test of time as we get another film in the long-running saga.

Kate Beckinsale reprises her role in Blood Wars and this next instalment looks to give us more of the same type of thing we’ve seen in the past films.

Whether you like the Underworld films or not, one thing’s for sure is that the filmmakers have nailed the gothic tone and look of the films, and combine that with the great action and you get another entertaining fantasy popcorn film.

Underworld: Blood Wars is out in theatres on  6 January 2017.

Power Rangers – New Character Posters

The upcoming Power Rangers movie gets a series of new character posters, featuring a good look at the new outfits for each of the rangers.

The look of the rangers has received a bit of backlash from fans, however they seem to fit in line with what’s expected of their look to attract a modern audience.

Power Rangers releases on 24 March 2017.

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