New Power Rangers Movie Zords Posters

A series of new posters have been released for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, featuring a glimpse at the character’s Zords.

For the uninitiated, Zords are colossal bio-mechanical robots that the Power Rangers call upon to battle gigantic monsters (think the robots and monsters in Pacific Rim to get an idea).

The Power Rangers can also combine the Zords to form one Megazord, for when duty calls for it.

The new posters feature each of the different coloured rangers standing on their Zords, however the posters are more of a tease as we only get to see a tiny portion of the giant mechanical robots.

The posters were released to promote the cast’s appearance at the upcoming New York Comic-Con (NYCC), where fans in attendance will be treated to a Q & A with the cast and filmmakers.

My suspicion is that we could get a trailer during the event, which would be good so we can see what type of tone the filmmakers are setting for this film.

So far the early images for the film have divided fans, with most reacting negatively to the new suit designs of the Rangers.

But lets be honest, how good can this film possibly be, even if they absolutely nailed the look of everything?

Power Rangers is due for release on 24 March 2017.

New York Comic-Con runs from October 6 – October 9.

Source: Collider

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