‘A Quiet Place’ Writers Direct the New Haunted House Horror Film ‘Haunt’

As someone who thinks Eli Roth is overrated, I’m always sceptical whenever I see his name attached to a new project.

What’s convincing me his latest production credit might be better-than-average is the fact the script is by A Quiet Place (2018) writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

The duo will also be directing Haunt, a horror film following a group of friends who visit an extreme haunted house on Halloween, that claims to tap into your greatest fears to give you a truly scary experience.

Of course, things aren’t as they seem when it’s revealed some of the creatures hiding in the house might actually be real monsters.

The film stars actress Katie Stevens as the scream queen trying to escape the terrifying house alongside co-stars Will Brittain, Lauryn Alisa McClain, Andrew Caldwell and Shazi Raja.

The trailer hints at Haunt featuring a mixture of jump scares and bloody kills with high production values.

Whether it can be a hit with audiences who also have the much-hyped horrors It: Chapter 2 and Ready or Not being released around the same time is anyone’s guess, but Haunt looks like being a decent flick to keep horror enthusiasts satisfied.

This new haunted house horror film hits theatres on 13 September 2019.

Check out the trailer below.


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