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Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Stowaway’ Presents Some Heavy Moral Dilemmas

Matters of life and death are the key focus points in the new Netflix sci-fi thriller film Stowaway starring Anna Kendrick and Tony Collette.

Stowaway follows the small crew of a space ship on its way to colonise Mars when their life support system is damaged.

Now with only enough oxygen to sustain three of the four lives on board, the crew may need to make the ultimate sacrifice to see the mission through.

Based on the premise, it’s reasonable to assume that the ship’s crew members will go crazy and turn on each other; however, the trailer for Stowaway paints a different picture.

The four astronauts, who, alongside Kendrick and Collette, include Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson, don’t seem to have that survival of the fittest attitude.

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They seem more inclined to solve the problem without any casualties, suggesting the central thriller aspect of this film might be their situation rather than the characters’ actions.

Nevertheless, it presents some moral questions about life and death and whether a personal sacrifice is necessary for the greater good.

The film looks tense and the type that will have viewers discussing long after it concludes, with a perfect theme for its sci-fi space setting.

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Check out the new sci-fi film Stowaway on Netflix from 22 April 2021.

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