A Mythical Evil is Teased in Final Trailer for ‘Antlers’

A young boy unleashes a mythical evil creature on a small town in the upcoming horror film Antlers from acclaimed director Scott Cooper.

Keri Russell plays a small-town teacher, who along with her brother (Jesse Plemons), the town’s sheriff, becomes embroiled in a gruesome murder mystery with a young boy at its center.

The boy is hiding a deadly secret that may involve the release of a mythical evil creature out for blood.

The upcoming horror film Antlers looks like a gritty small-town horror crossed with a monster movie.

Its grounded nature, which is a signature style of Cooper’s, works to its advantage as it makes it feel that extra bit terrifying.

The mythological aspect of the creature is a nice touch and it’ll be interesting to see how the boy’s (Jeremy T. Thomas) story is tied into its creation.

Small towns often make for compelling backdrops in horrors, dramas, thrillers, and virtually any genre, as it allows the writers and director to keep a tight-knit narrative that lets them focus on the characters.

Scott Cooper, whose past works include the likes of 2009’s Crazy Heart, 2013’s Out of the Furnace and 2015’s Black Mass, looks like he might have another highly rated film with Antlers.

We’ll find out when it releases on 16 April 2020.

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