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Capcom Video Game ‘Monster Hunter’ Gets Epic Movie Adaptation

From the director of the Resident Evil films comes the adaptation of the popular Capcom video game, Monster Hunter, starring Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich plays soldier Lt. Artemis, who after discovering some ancient artifacts is transported with her team to a new world, where giant monsters rule.

Her team, along with the new world’s natives join forces to fight the monsters and find a way back home.

The film looks stunning from a visual standpoint with some incredible creature design, though as far as its story and themes are concerned, it’s fairly rudimentary.

Despite this, the monster battles look epic and it’s a film that is perfect to watch on the big screen.

Monster Hunter is based on a video game by powerhouse Japanese producer Capcom, who are the makers of the ultra-popular fighting game series, Street Fighter, as well as the survival-horror game franchise, Resident Evil.

Resident Evil has been adapted to film multiple times, with each film opening to either mixed or negative reviews (the most recent, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter earning 37% on Rotten Tomatoes), but have been popular with the moviegoing audience, nevertheless.

Paul W.S. Anderson, who’s directed a few Resident Evil movies is at the helm of Monster Hunter, with action movie stars Tony Jaa and Frank Grillo in supporting roles.

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The film is scheduled to hit theatres in late 2020.

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