Mobster Wives Rise to the Top in New Crime-Drama ‘The Kitchen’ Trailer

The mobster wives include Elisabeth Moss, Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish in the awesome new crime-drama film The Kitchen.

The film is set in 1970’s New York and follows the above-mentioned wives of gangsters who continue their husbands’ rackets while they’re in prison.

The Kitchen (in reference to Hell’s Kitchen) sees the downtrodden wives of the gangsters take a stand and rise up to lead their husbands’ criminal activities in what appears to be a violent, yet satisfyingly entertaining new crime drama.

The film looks like a good blend of dark-comedy mixed with gritty crime-drama and comes to us from the Oscar-nominated writer of Straight Outta Compton (2015), Andrea Berloff, who makes her directorial debut here.

It’s based on the DC graphic novel of the same name by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle, which is evident in some of the styles of the film’s titles that can be seen in the trailer.

There are definitely shades of Steve McQueen’s Widows (2018) in this one, though with a slightly more mainstream tone to it.

Widows was fantastic and it looks like The Kitchen will be a worthy rival to that similarly-themed film.

It co-stars Domhnall Gleeson, James Badge Dale and Common and is due for release on 29 August 2019.

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