Michael Chiklis Gets Caught Up in a Failed Heist in ’10 Minutes Gone’

The Shield’s Michael Chiklis joins forces with Die Hard’s Bruce Willis in the new crime-thriller, 10 Minutes Gone.

Employed to rob a bank and steal a cache of priceless jewels by crime boss Rex (Willis), things quickly go wrong when the alarm is tripped.

Sneaking out the back with his brother, Frank (Chiklis) is knocked unconscious by an unseen foe.

Waking to discover the jewels gone and his brother murdered, Frank is also suffering from short-term amnesia, unable to recall 10 minutes of his memory after the robbery.

Knowing the cops were tipped off, Frank must confront the other members of the crew to find the traitor before crime boss Rex has him killed.

Chiklis is a favourite of mine so anytime he’s in a film it’s good news, but even this looks beneath him.

Willis is here for the paycheck, something that’s become standard with his career over the past decade, while the rest of the cast is a bunch of no-names.

Director Brian A. Miller specialises in these low-budget action flicks and must be tight with Willis, as the two have collaborated on three similar films over the past five years.

10 Minutes Gone hits theatres on 27 September 2019.

Check out the trailer below.

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