Melissa McCarthy Plays Humanity’s Last Hope in ‘Superintelligence’

Superintelligence sees McCarthy as humanity’s last hope in trying to convince a murderous AI that we’re worthy of survival.

A deadly AI, voiced by James Corden, chooses the unassuming Carol Peters (McCarthy) as its representative of the human race to figure out if the species is worth keeping alive.

Humorously, comedian James Corden is used as the AI’s voice as it’s a voice that Carol is soothed by.

This turn of events sees Carol become the world’s last hope in saving humanity while trying to rekindle a broken relationship with her ex-boyfriend (Bobby Cannavale).

Superintelligence is directed by McCarthy’s husband and working partner, Ben Falcone, who’s directed her in past comedy films like Tammy (2014), The Boss (2016), and Life of the Party (2018).

Fans of those films should enjoy this one, and it certainly has enough in it for new fans of this director and star duo’s style of films.

While there are some funny parts in the trailer below, it seems as though the film is struggling to find the balance between comedy, sci-fi, and romance movie genres.

It feels like the film doesn’t know what it wants to be, which if true, will ultimately be its undoing.

Superintelligence is due to arrive in cinemas on 17 December 2020.

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