‘Mascots’ – Trailer for New Netflix Comedy Film

Trust Christopher Guest, director of Best in Show and A Mighty Wind to create a mockumentary about the world of competitive mascots.

The trailer for this film looks hilarious, and anyone that’s seen any of Guest’s other mockumentary features will see that this film looks to recapture the same hilarity of his past films.

Guest’s films have a bit of a dry, witty humour to them, which has become a staple of his style and is unmatched when it comes to films of a similar nature.

His movies offer dry, witty humour, unlike the slapstick or gross-out stuff we commonly see in the mainstream circuit these days.

Mascots stars Guest’s regular collaborators which include Ed Begley Jr., Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard and Harry Shearer, just to name a few in this outstanding ensemble cast.

The film looks into the competitive mascot industry, with a look at the funny people in the outfits.

Mascots is a Netflix exclusive film and is due to launch on October 13.

IMDB Synopsis:

A look into the world of competitive mascots.

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