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Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘Christopher Robin’ – Teaser Trailers!

Is it just me or do both the Mary Poppins Returns and Christopher Robin teaser trailers feature a somewhat disturbing horror element?

Hear me out.

You’re a child who decides to go and fly their kite on a dreary, dark and cloudy day.

The wind is blowing ever so feverishly, and you’re struggling to keep your kite at bay.

In comes a strange man off the street to help you control your kite, when something even stranger appears in the sky.

From the dark clouds descends a shadowy lady-like figure, clutching an umbrella.

That’s the opening of the Mary Poppins Returns teaser.

Next, you’re a grown man with a family, a company-man, asked to do some extra work for said company.

You’ve already made plans with your family, but a sense of loyalty to your employer forces your hand.

Next minute, your greeted by a creepy looking bear-doll from your imagination – that talks to you.

Are you losing your mind?

That’s the gist of the Christopher Robin teaser trailer, or one potential way to look at it.

Of course these are both Disney films so they will obviously be fun-filled family adventures, though with a dramatic element.

However, had you not known you were watching the teasers for these specific films, would you not agree that the above descriptions could work well in a horror film?

christopher robin trailer

Tell me that bear in the picture above couldn’t feature in your nightmares?

Mary Poppins Returns stars Emily Blunt in the title role, and is directed by Rob Marshall.

Christopher Robin features Ewan McGregor in the lead and is directed by Marc Forster.

These two latest films are just part of Disney’s expanding plan to capitalise on all of their classic characters and films, and expanding their lore.

Their slate is full over the next 5 years, so expect to see a lot of output from Disney over that time.

Mary Poppins Returns hits Australian cinemas on  1 January 2019, while Christopher Robin arrives on 20 September 2018.

Check out the teaser trailers below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Nick Janks

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