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‘Malignant’ Trailer 2 Showcases James Wan’s Unique Horror Vision

Wan claims to have gone back to his roots while keeping things fresh for audiences in his latest unique horror film, Malignant.

The director features in this new trailer saying how audiences don’t want to see the same old thing.

He’s right, of course, and to combat the staleness of the mainstream horror film scene, he’s brought us his latest, Malignant.

The film follows a woman (Annabelle Wallis) who has terrifying visions of murders, only to discover that the murders are real.

The entity behind them is a new horror villain known as Gabriel, an entity it appears she conjured up in her mind as a child.

Despite Wan’s claims about Malignant being a unique horror film, there are many aspects to it shown in the trailer that feel like the same old same old.

To his credit, Wan is the best at what he does, so it may be best to reserve judgment for the final product.

The film looks like a blend between a psychological and supernatural horror film that could, and most probably will, spawn a new horror franchise.

The Saw (2004) and Aquaman (2018) director’s latest is due to arrive in cinemas on 10 September 2021.

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