‘I Love You, Daddy’ – Trailer for New Louis C.K. Directed Comedy Film

Renowned comedian Louis C.K. returns to the director’s chair for the second time with his film I Love You, Daddy – a film that may hit a bit too close to home in the current period of Hollywood scandals.

C.K. plays a successful TV producer who tries to prevent his 17 year old daughter (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) from falling for an aged world-class director, who has a tendency to date young women.

It’s a strange coincidence (or is it?) to see this trailer launched during a period of Hollywood turmoil, considering the recent events involving Harvey Weinstein.

One could argue the filmmakers and marketers of this film may have even released the trailer now as a strategic move, though I can’t imagine the timing would help this small film from the legendary comedian.

In any case, I Love You, Daddy looks exactly like the type of film you’d expect to see come from Louis C.K., especially if you’ve watched his TV show Louie.

The award-winning show set a tone that was dramatic as well as funny, and sometimes even borderline depressing, but always moving.

His upcoming film seems to follow that same tone, featuring a touchy subject, but with C.K.’s signature black-comedy touch.

While the topic of the film may have some people feeling uneasy, knowing C.K.’s style, there’ll be a lot of redemptive qualities here, as he’s really good at making light of difficult themes, while at the same time bringing them to the forefront.

John Malkovich plays the old film director with whom Moretz’ character appears to develop a relationship, and the film also stars Pamela Adlon, Rose Byrne, Charlie Day, and Helen Hunt.

The film is due out on 17 November 2017 as a limited release in the USA.

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