‘Logan’ – Legacy Featurette with Hugh Jackman

With the recent release of Logan, it only seems fitting to publish this look back at Hugh Jackman’s 17 year run as Logan/Wolverine – get the tissues ready.

Australia’s favourite son recently hung up the gloves (or claws in this instance) playing the character that made him famous, with his final performance coming in this year’s early standout film Logan (see my review here).

The legacy video below briefly looks back at Jackman’s 17 year-long run as Wolverine/Logan, and features interviews with the man himself, as well as Patrick Stewart and director James Mangold.

We also get to see some touching footage from Jackman’s last day on the set of Logan, which was essentially also his last day as the character.

It will be sad to see Hugh Jackman leave this role and hard to imagine who can replace him, if anyone.

His first portrayal of Wolverine came way back in 2000’s X-Men and the change in not only the look of the character, but the deeper on-screen portrayal of him has been nothing short of astonishing.

It’s rare to see an actor play the same character for such a long period time, and I can only imagine it would have been just as hard for Jackman to drop the part as it is for his fans to see him go.

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Check out the video below.

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