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‘The Lodge’ is Shaping up as 2019’s Must See Horror Film – Trailer

If Hereditary (2018) gave you chills then be prepared to wet your pants with the upcoming must see horror flick The Lodge.

Written and directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, the duo responsible for 2014’s frightening Goodnight Mommy, The Lodge will have you on the edge of your seat if the trailer is anything to go by.

Riley Keough stars a Grace, the future step-mom of Aidan (Jaeden Martell) and Mia (Lia McHugh).

When the kids’ father Richard (Richard Armitage) is called back to work early, he leaves the three to spend the weekend together at a remote cabin.

The already strained relationship between Grace and the children intensifies when a snowstorm traps them in the house.

After the kids discover Grace was the sole surviving member of a cult that committed mass suicide, things begin to get weird as someone, or something, makes its presence felt in the home.

The trailer is high on tension and reminds me of classic must see horror flicks that rely on a well-written script and fantastic acting rather than jump-scares and gore.

The Lodge will be in cinemas soon.

Check out the trailer below and please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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