The Adventurous Life of Errol Flynn Featured in ‘In Like Flynn’ – Review

In Like Flynn stars Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel as Errol Flynn, a real-life actor renowned for his charming ways with women.

In Like Flynn is based on the true story of Errol Flynn’s adventurous life, set in the days prior to the Hollywood acting career that skyrocketed him to fame. The film follows Flynn (Cocquerel) as he sets sail from Australia to Papa New Guinea in search of gold. His travelling companions consist of his two closest friends, Dook (William Moseley) and Rex (Corey Large), as well as the seasoned seafarer, Charlie (Clive Standen).

The three embark on a dangerous and exciting journey where they are tested by nature, enemies, new faces and old friends. What begins as a fun-loving adventure gradually transpires into something far more dire, leaving each man questioning his course at some point or other. As the crew travel up the coast, they also run into Flynn’s ex-flame, Rose (Isabel Lucas), the only prominent female character in the film.

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Flynn, Dook, Rex and Charlie share an enchanting friendship that unfolds for the audience as the movie progresses. Their relationship is an enviable one as director Russell Mulcahy portrays how they each have one another’s back and look out for the other, despite some initial surface-level animosity. Though there are two strong female characters written into the screenplay, neither are given the time nor the platform required to prove their strength.

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Set between sunny Australia and tropical Papa New Guinea in the early 1900’s, the costuming seamlessly reflects life during that era, as do the various towns and locations visited throughout the film. Even the social encounters shared and various mannerisms employed by the cast help to create a more believable story.

In Like Flynn is an incredible story based on true events in Errol Flynn’s own life. However, the film leaves much to be desired as the writing is sometimes stiff and incongruous, and Flynn’s foolhardy stubbornness is often misrepresented as sheer luck. The film has a great premise and Flynn’s adventurous life was no doubt an enviable one, but if I’m being honest (and I am), I know that what I enjoyed most about the film was the cast and how pleasing they were to look at.

Unfortunately, good looks don’t always make for a good movie.

Fun Fact:

Russell Mulcahy directed the cult classic sci-fi fantasy film Highlander in 1986.

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