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‘The Legend of Ben Hall’ – Trailer & Poster

Check out the teaser trailer and awesome new poster for the upcoming Aussie-western/bushranger drama film, The Legend of Ben Hall.

If you thought Ned Kelly was the only famous Australian outlaw, then you’d be wrong.

The Legend of Ben Hall tells the story of another notorious outlaw, Ben Hall, and judging by the teaser trailer, the film looks like it may have what it takes to rival its American counterparts in the same genre – as far as production value is concerned.

As we don’t get much of an idea about the plot from the trailer, it’s hard to judge anything else other than the look of the film so far, however we do get a good look at the visuals as well as the tone the filmmakers are going for, and it all looks pretty impressive.

The film is directed by Matthew Holmes and stars Jack Martin in the title role, who makes his feature film debut.

The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

The Legend of Ben Hall is a visceral, action-packed epic that tells the story of one of the most wanted men in Australian outlaw history. After years on the run in outback Australia, Ben Hall and his infamous band of outlaws decide to ride again in order to steal enough cash and gold so they can flee to America and greener pastures. The reunited gang prove unstoppable until one fateful day, whilst holding up a mail coach, a police Sergeant is shot dead in a brutal gunfight. With the bounty on their heads growing and nowhere to go, Ben and his gang must now fight to the bitter end.

The Legend of Ben Hall releases nationally across Australian cinemas on December 1, 2016.

Check out the teaser trailer for the film as well as the new hand-drawn poster by South Australian artist Ross Morgan.


Nick Janks