Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’ Trailer has Big Giallo Horror Vibes

Last Night in Soho is acclaimed director Edgar Wright’s creepy tribute to Giallo horror, and it looks spookily faithful to its inspiration.

The film stars Thomasin McKenzie as young fashionista Eloise, who finds herself travelling back to 1960s London, where she encounters her singer idol, Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Things get weird when Eloise becomes all-consumed by Sandy and starts to see strange and disturbing visions.

The first trailer for Last Night in Soho plays out more like a teaser, showcasing the film’s psychological horror elements with a look at the 60s Giallo horror movie-inspired visuals and editing.

Last Night in Soho is Wright’s second foray into horror, the first being his breakout hit Shaun of the Dead (2004), which leaned more towards comedy but showed the director’s love for the genre by paying homage to the creator of zombie movies, George A. Romero.

This time around, he takes a more serious tone, using the likes of horror icon Dario Argento for inspiration in creating a style that could have been ripped right out of 1960s cinema screens.

It works well, and Wright’s passion for the genre is evident, making for a super creepy trailer that should please horror movie fans.

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Wright recently directed the music documentary The Sparks Brothers (2021), his previous film being the super-cool Baby Driver (2017).

Check out Last Night in Soho from October 2021.

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