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‘Lamb’ Trailer Teases the Weirdest Horror Film in a Long Time

The A24 team are looking to outdo themselves once again with what could be their weirdest horror film yet in Lamb, starring Noomi Rapace.

The film follows a pair of sheep farmers who decide to raise a mysterious newborn lamb as their own, a prospect that ultimately destroys them.

The couple is childless so starting a family this way seems like a good idea; however, their new baby appears to be some terrifying hybrid lamb crossed with a human.

That’s all the trailer gives us plot-wise, and some stunning visuals and disturbing visuals accompany it.

It’s the various tonal shift in the trailer that gets under your skin, going from creepy to disturbing to light-hearted back to creepy and disturbing.

There’s an element of dark humour here which will make the film more palatable and accessible to a broader audience; however, its target audience is anyone looking for the weirdest horror film they can find.

A24 is the premium producer of modern horror films, and Lamb looks like the perfect addition to their catalogue following cult classics like The Witch (2015), Hereditary (2018), Midsommar (2019), and many others.

It seems like the type of film that will stick with you for a long time after the credits roll, be it for better or worse.

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It’s due out in American cinemas from 8 October and is screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival in Australia from 8 August 2021.

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