Live-Action ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Set for Disney Streaming Service – Trailer

Whether you love or hate Disney’s live-action adaptations of their classic animations, you’re getting them – and Lady and the Tramp is no exception.

This new re-imagining of the 1955 Disney classic Lady and the Tramp features the voices of Justin Theroux as Tramp and Tessa Thompson as Lady.

Lady belongs to a loving, upper-middle-class family whereas Tramp is a stray mutt, out fending for himself.

The two just so happen to meet and fall in love while embarking on many romantic adventures.

It’s a classic tale of two people (or in this case, dogs) from opposing social classes overcoming societal boundaries and following their hearts.

The original 1955 animation is one of Disney’s most iconic, featuring imagery that is widely recognised around the world (the spag-bol kissing scene anyone?).

Much like this year’s Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion KingLady and the Tramp will feature heavily digitised versions of the leading dog actors that look uncannily real (seems like there are some real animal stars in this too, however).

Lady and Tramp look amazing and really highlight the technical proficiencies at Disney.

In a move to try and get day-one sign-ups for Disney+, the studio will debut the film exclusively on their new streaming platform.

Not a bad deal for Disney movie lovers if you ask me – sign up, even just for a month and you can watch Lady and the Tramp at a low price, amongst many of the thousands of hours of content that will be available on the streaming service.

The film co-stars Sam Elliott, Ashley Jensen and Janelle Monáe in supporting voice roles and Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann, Yvette Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong, and F. Murray Abraham in live-action roles.

Check it out from 12 November 2019 when Disney+ goes live in the States, or from 19 November 2019 in Australia and New Zealand.


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