‘Kingsman’ Prequel Eyes Rhys Ifans, Casts Charles Dance & Daniel Brühl

The ever-expanding world of the Kingsman franchise has just gotten bigger with a prequel in the works and now another sequel being written.

Matthew Vaughn has begun fleshing out the cast for the prequel with Charles Dance and Daniel Brühl on board, while talks with Rhys Ifans have begun according to Collider.

Early plans for the prequel centre around World War 1, bringing together the fictional world of the Kingsman organisation and the real-life world of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, which had an actual rank known as Kingsman for over one hundred years.

Vaughn is looking to reveal the origins of the intelligence service, with Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson (as fresh recruit Conrad) on board to play the leads in a pre-Harry/Eggsy team.

There is no word as to the roles Dance or Brühl may play but there are whispers Ifans could potentially play a mysterious Russian mystic.

Matthew Goode is also being considered to join the cast.

Shooting is set to begin in January, with the hopes of a November release in 2020.

You can read our review of the latest instalment in the series, Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), here.

And for all you Kingsman fans, and those that have yet to see any of the films, check out this cool clip from the first film below:

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