Keanu Reeves Stops at Nothing to Clone His (Dead) Family in ‘Replicas’

Keanu Reeves plays a scientist that becomes obsessed in bringing his family back to life after a fatal accident, through the method of cloning, in Replicas.

Judging by the trailer, it looks as though Reeves’ character does find a way to bring his family back to life in a synthetic, science-fiction type of way, however as you may have guessed, things eventually go south and his creations and the government appear to go after him.

I have a feeling this film will have a promising start and middle, one that will pose many moral questions about life, death, life after death, and letting go, but will then turn into basic sci-fi-thriller fare once the third act’s action kicks in.

What could have potentially been a moving, thought-proviking film will likely become a genre-cliché.

Another point of concern for me is that the film comes to use from the producers of Passengers (2016 – see our review hereand Transformers (2007) – a red flag if I’ve ever seen one.

I did enjoy Passengers though and thought it was unfairly panned, however we all know how the Transformers films all turned out (barely watchable).

I do however hope director Jeffrey Nachmanoff can surprise me with this one, as I’m a big fan of Keanu Reeves and his latest career resurgence.

The film also features Alice Eve and Thomas Middleditch in supporting roles, and while there’s no official release date, IMDB lists the film as a 2017 release, so we’ll hopefully get to see it by the year’s end.

Check out the trailer below and leave a comment with your thoughts.


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