‘Justice League’ Trailer Teases the Return of Superman + New Footage

A new trailer for Justice League has just dropped, finally teasing the absent-from-marketing Superman, along with lots of new footage from the film.

Henry Cavill’s Superman has been missing from all the marketing for this film, as it obviously appears the filmmakers are keeping his return in the film a surprise.

However, we do get to see a glimpse of him in this latest trailer, and while it’s only in a dream sequence, it’s fair to think that he’ll have a much larger role to play in the final product.

As far as the new trailer goes, aside from offering up some new footage from the film, it doesn’t do much else to bring forward anything new we haven’t seen from the film, as far as action and plot go.

It’s a bit concerning as the plot looks like it will go the way of the generic world-ending threat we’ve become accustomed to in a lot of superhero films, so I hope there will be a lot more to it then that.

The trailer serves up a big plate of action-spectacle from the film which was always to be expected, though I hope filmmakers Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon can find the right balance.

Justice League hits cinemas on 16 November 2017, let us know your thoughts about the latest trailer in the comments below.


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