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New ‘Justice League’ Footage + Cool Poster from Comic-Con 2017

There’s some awesome footage in this new Justice League trailer, however this cool poster inspired by the art of Alex Ross steals the show.

There have been some shocking posters released for blockbusters in the past few years, and it’s always horrible to see that happen.

For a change, we’ve received two amazing posters in one day, for two highly anticipated blockbusters (see the awesome new poster for Thor: Ragnarok here).

The cool poster for the upcoming Justice League movie features the five principal hero characters, under specific lighting and framing, reminiscent of the style incorporated by legendary comic-book artist Alex Ross.

It really is as impressive as they come.

You’ll also notice the character logo’s used in the tagline for the poster, and most notably, you’ll see Superman’s one is front and centre, even though he’s been left out of the film’s marketing material so far.

For the first time since the Justice League marketing material has come out, we’ve heard mention of Superman, not only in the poster, but also in the new trailer below.

With the way the events unfolded in 2016’s Batman v Superman, it was unknown to what capacity Henry Cavill’s Superman would appear in this follow-up.

It seems obvious that he will be in it, we’re just not sure to what lengths – will he be introduced in the first 5 minutes, or last?

Either way, Justice League looks like it’s shaping up well.

Check out the new footage below, along with the new poster and an example piece from Alex Ross to see the similarities.

The film comes out on 16 November 2017, let us know what you think about the new material in the comments below.

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Nick Janks