‘Julieta’ – Review

Acclaimed filmmaker Pedro Almodovar’s latest effort Julieta stays true to his form of detailed character study and raw human emotion in a draining but commanding effort by all involved.

Like most of Almodovar’s films, the narrative structure jumps back and forth in time as we are introduced to the titular character at a later stage in her life, about to start a new one by moving to another country with her partner Lorenzo (Darío Grandinetti). The day before leaving Julieta has a chance encounter with one of her daughter’s childhood friends, whom she hasn’t seen in years and is told (to her surprise) that she has spoken to her daughter, Anita. For reasons yet unknown Julieta cancels her plans with Lorenzo to stay in Madrid.

It is here Almodovar takes us back 30 years to fill in the gaps and see what makes Julieta’s irrational behaviour, well, rational. A young Julieta’s chance encounter and passionate night on a train with a handsome stranger called Xoan (Daniel Grao) changes her life forever, as she falls pregnant and ends up living with him in a seaside fishing village where they raise their daughter, Anita. To go any further with plot details would only hinder Almodovar’s story as we occasionally cross back to an older Julieta to fill in the gaps.


As per usual, the director gets the very best performances out of his actors. Both actresses who portray Julieta; Emma Suarez (older) and Adriana Ugarte (younger) give the character the full emotional struggle and range the story demands, and you’re with them every step of the way. Every other supporting character keeps Julieta’s journey immersed in a fragile state of love, hope and loss.

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But it is Pedro Almodovar’s show and he proves once again that he is up there with the best of them when it comes to showing the best and worst of human nature; The proof lying with Julieta as well as his acclaimed film, The Skin I Live In.

It may not be an uplifting experience by any means, but what we have here is a genuinely flawless character study that more-or-less gets you thinking about Julieta’s decisions and actions, and how they affect the people around her, forcing you to wonder what you would do in her situation.

Fun Fact:

The original screenplay was written in English, but when Pedro and Agustín Almodóvar went scouting to Canada, the director felt insecure to shoot in a place he didn’t really know, in a language he didn’t master and with a story he felt worked better at Spain.

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The scene from the train where that old man killed himself was really touching.
If the movie went to that direction I’m very sure the movie would of been the best.

It’s just sad that we don’t see through the people sorrow and sadness.

We need to understand that just because someone says they’re fine, doesn’t mean they are. We need to continually check up and be there for our friends and family, because there are battles they face and struggles they deal with that we know nothing about. You could potentially be the answer to someones prayer. You have the ability to comfort and encourage someone more than you know. This world needs more love, hope, help and encouragement. Let this be a lesson to us all. Everywhere you go, every person you see, don’t be hesitate to express your goodness, kindness and encouragement to anyone you see. In the simple things, say ‘thank you’ more, smile at people you walk past, tell people to ‘have a great day’. It’s often what we consider the simple things that are the most effective and encouraging. NEVER restrain yourself from showing love and encouragement wherever you go, because the truth is your act of kindness, your word of encouragement, your offer of help might be the very thing that turns someones life around.