Quirky Trailer for New Dark Comedy Revenge Film ‘Judy & Punch’

Judy & Punch features Aussies Mia Wasikowska and Damon Herriman in a dynamic live-action reinterpretation of a famous 17th-century puppet show.

Herriman plays Punch, the mastermind behind a popular marionette show in the anarchic town of Seaside.

He and along with his wife and puppeteering partner Judy (Wasikowska) attempt to revive their popular show when disaster strikes in their personal lives.

It appears their baby gets lost (or worse) due to Punch’s neglect, and Judy finds herself beaten and in the care of some of the town’s folk.

The events mirror what happens in their puppet show, though not for much longer, as Judy will attempt to take revenge on her alcoholic and abusive husband.

This highly stylised film comes to us from director Mirrah Foulkes and its first trailer is certainly bizarre.

There’s a strong dark-comedy element to it while covering themes such as toxic relationships and domestic abuse.

It’s based on the traditional puppet show, Punch and Judy, which was a popular form of entertainment back in olden times.

The show would usually involve interactions between the husband and wife duo, with Judy often falling victim to Punch’s slapstick.

In this modern adaptation, however, it appears Judy will get a chance to give some back after having to cope with Punch’s atrocities.

Wasikowska hasn’t featured in any big mainstream films since her roles in 2015’s Crimson Peak and 2016’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, though her talent is undeniable and she looks fantastic in this role.

On the other hand, Herriman seems to be slowly coming up the ranks in Hollywood, after having featured in the latest series of the Netflix TV series Mindhunter as Charles Manson, and also in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… In Hollywoodas, Charles Manson.

The pair have a great on-screen presence in this quirky new film and along with its creative style, should make for some entertaining and thought-provoking viewing.

The film releases on 21 November 2019.

Check out the trailer below.


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