Intense Trailer for New Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plane Hijacking Film ‘7500’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt headlines the intense Amazon Prime film 7500, playing a pilot whose plane has been hijacked by terrorists.

Gordon-Levitt plays Tobias Ellis, a commercial airplane Captain who’s put in a precarious position after hijackers take over his plane.

Stuck in a locked cockpit that the hijackers desperately want to enter, Ellis is faced with a moral dilemma – let the hijackers in and allow them free reign over the plane’s controls, or keep them out and watch on as they kill crew members and passengers one by one.

In one ear is ground control, urging him not to open the cockpit door, and in the other is his conscience, trying to convince him to open the door and save the lives of the people on his plane, who are being threatened with death.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks outstanding in this film and it’s good to see the actor back in a headlining role after having a small hiatus from feature-film acting over the last couple of years.

7500 looks supremely intense, and its themes should make for some interesting post-viewing discussions.

This new thriller film is directed by German writer-director Patrick Vollrath, who makes his feature debut here.

7500 arrives exclusively on Amazon Prime on 19 June 2020.

Check out the intense trailer below!

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