‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ – New Trailer for Third Film in Franchise

Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling spy Johnny English is back in the new trailer for the third instalment of the comedy film series.

Johnny English (Atkinson) comes out of retirement once a group of cyber-terrorists reveal the identities of all of the active undercover agents in Britain.

The new (short) trailer showcases some of Johnny English’s foolish acts, giving us a good idea of the humour we can expect in the film.

Much like the first two films, the humour mostly falls on the goofy antics of the idiot-spy Johnny English, expertly played by funnyman Rowan Atkinson.

For those unaware, Atkinson rose to fame throughout the 90’s with his hilarious turn as the character Mr. Bean, after already having gained a following in his role in the popular British series The Black Adder in the 80’s.

His Mr. Bean character had a solid 5-year run on TV and spawned two feature films.

The Johnny English franchise marked a new chapter of the actor’s career beginning in 2003.

While the characteristics of Johhny English and Mr. Bean share a lot of similarities, it’s the spoofing of the spy genre and James Bond films that separates this franchise from the rest of his work.

The spy genre has been parodied countless numbers of times over film history, but there’s still always humour to be found in it.

Emma Thompson and Olga Kurylenko co-star in the film directed by David Kerr.

The third Johnny English film hits cinemas on 20 September 2018.

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