Trailer for New Jesse Eisenberg Black Comedy ‘The Art of Self-Defense’

Jesse Eisenberg stars as a timid man wanting to learn the ways of Karate in the new black comedy film, The Art of Self-Defense.

After being attacked on the street, the fearful Casey (Eisenberg) enlists at a Karate dojo to learn how to defend himself.

The dojo is led by a charismatic and off-beat Sensei (Alessandro Nivola), who will guide Casey on a path to becoming more confident and less scared, of everything.

Though not all is as it seems once Casey begins attending Sensei’s night-classes, where he’s introduced to a darker world behind the scenes of the dojo.

Jesse Eisenberg looks to be in top form in this film, playing the type of character he usually does best with – the dork.

Eisenberg brings a deep intensity to the character that only he can, while allowing his comedic side to shine through when required by the film’s screenplay.

The film’s trailer suggests an indie, dry comedy-style tone for The Art of Self-Defense and it looks hilarious.

This isn’t slapstick humour though, as all of the lines of dialogue look like they’re being delivered with complete sincerity but with an air of cleverness and wit, which should have audiences in stitches.

The film is directed by Riley Stearns and co-stars Imogen Poots.

It hits cinemas on 12 July 2019.

Check out the funny trailer below.

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