Jaylah Makeup Tutorial from ‘Star Trek Beyond’

As Halloween is just around the corner, check out the Jaylah makeup tutorial video and for anyone that’s planning to dress up as her, thank me later.

Paramount Pictures recently released an instructional video hosted by Star Trek Beyond’s makeup designer and lead makeup artist, on how to produce a simplified version of the character Jaylah’s makeup from the film.

It actually looks pretty complicated to me, however for all the ladies in the house, I’m sure it’s pretty straightforward stuff.

Played by Sofia Boutella, the character of Jaylah was one of the best things about the latest Star Trek film, which was a great addition to the franchise itself (see my review here).

I’m sure there will be plenty of people looking to dress up as the heroine for Halloween, or your regular costume party, so as a point of reference on how to do the makeup, the video below comes direct from the film’s crew which is as credible as you can get.

Check out the Jaylah makeup tutorial below.

Source: Geek Tyrant

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