Jason Momoa Fights Greedy Drug Company in Action-Thriller ‘Sweet Girl’

Jason Momoa faces a formidable foe in a big pharmaceutical company that he blames for his wife’s death in Netflix’s Sweet Girl.

After pulling a life-saving drug from the market that sees his wife succumb to cancer, Cooper (Jason Momoa) sets out to take vengeance on the pharmaceutical company behind it.

He treads down a dangerous path involving powerful people and must fight to protect himself and his remaining family member, daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced).

Sweet Girl looks like a fairly typical conspiracy thriller film that’s banking on the star power of Jason Momoa to gain an audience.

It should be enough to draw a crowd considering the Aquaman (2018) star is quite the fan-favourite, though the film has mediocrity written all over it.

Despite this, Sweet Girl seems perfect for those nights when you need an easy watch without overthinking.

There’s action, drama, the family element, and the man-vs-corporation theme; this film has it all.

Brian Andrew Mendoza makes his directing debut with this one but has worked with Momoa in a producer’s capacity on prior projects like the TV show Frontier (2018) and the little-known feature Braven (2018).

The film hits Netflix on 20 August 2021.

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Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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