‘Jackass 3D’ – Review

Johnny Knoxville, Steve O and Bam Margera along with the rest of the Jackass crew return for their third film outing, this time in splendid 3D.

It’s a shame however that the 3D element is probably the aspect that works the best in this film, with the comedy on the backburner.

Not to say that Jackass 3D isn’t funny, there are several laugh-out-loud gags, however these are over-shadowed with too many gut churning moments.

This latest Jackass would have to be the most disgusting of the three films and it is definitely not recommended for people with weak stomachs.

There are faeces, vomit and other bodily fluid jokes a-plenty in this film that will make even the strongest constitution want to bring back up bits of their food from earlier in the day.

The rest of the gags contain the usual self bodily-harm elements we have grown to love over the ten years since Jackass debuted.

That is all well and good for the die-hard fans, but is a letdown for the casual viewers, as it seems that all the jokes have been done before.

There are still laughs to be had though, for instance there is one scene where the Jackass crew have fun behind a plane’s jet engine, which is fantastic.

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Also, the opening and ending scenes of the film are cinematically brilliant.

The 3D visuals in this film are quite impressive, with no shortage of excrement and pleasure devices flying out at you from the screen.

Overall, Jackass will appeal to the loyal fans, but may be a bit of a let down for the casual viewer and it certainly would be a hard pill to swallow having to fork out twenty or so dollars for this one.

Fun Fact:

Johnny Knoxville had one of his teeth knocked out by a flying dildo.

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