Trailer for New Italian Crime Thriller ‘Dogman’ from Director of ‘Gomorrah’

Matteo Garrone, director of the popular Italian crime film Gomorrah (2008) is back with another intriguing thriller in the upcoming Dogman.

Marcello Fonte plays Marcello, a mild-mannered dog groomer who is forced to impose an act of vengeance after being bullied by the town heavy Simone (Edoardo Pesce).

The film’s trailer lays out the basic premise as well as giving us a look at its tone, which appears to be super tense.

We don’t get to see any of Marcello’s revenge act, which is obviously being kept a surprise for viewers, but we do see some of the abuse he receives from Simone.

Dogman looks pretty violent, so I can only imagine there will be a brutal conclusion.

Director Matteo Garrone is best known for his film Gomorrah, which went on to become a staple in the Italian crime film sub-genre soon after its release in 2008.

Dogman looks to keep up the same grounded tone we saw in that film, which should please fans.

Funnily enough, considering the director’s repertoire of violent films, Garrone’s next film is an upcoming live-action adaptation of the Disney classic Pinocchio.

Judging by its IMDB page, predominantly Italian cast that includes Roberto Benigni and close release date, it won’t be the official Disney remake (which is set to drop in the near future with Tom Hanks rumoured for a lead role).

Check out the trailer for Dogman below, which releases on 12 April 2019 in the US.

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